Food Trend for 2016

This year food trend for 2016 to watch is going  to be a year of  a lot of whole foods .  Consumers  are looking to pay a little extra for their foods.  Rather then  getting bargain foods . They  shop organic foods, specialty food markets, local food stands, and  have home grown  gardens .  Potted herbs and potted gardens  are huge in Restaurants all  Over  major  cities today . They take pride using their own vegetables and fresh herbs and list them on their menu which have big draws to the consumer.  Dried   beans are so healthy for you and simple to create just like my  “New Years Good Luck Lentil Recipe” .  Beans and  certain types of legumes are a great protein.  Vegetables are a huge  staple , and will be taking center stage this year,  no more cutting ends off the ends of your    vegetables  clean and cook whole  giving (more nutrients) for you.

I have canned all my own Tomatoes ,  peaches, artichoke hearts, eggplant, and even green olives to name a few last summer and will share those great recipes , soon too.  Let’s Get cooking  for 2016….

Love ❤️ through food is my Motto ! img_3790


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