Easy Blueberry Jam

  • While I was on a Short Vacation I was able to pick up some fresh Blueberries.  I enjoy checking the local farmers markets to see what is in season in the area, these local Blueberries were Bursting with flavor and appetizing to my Eyes as Well.   So I decided to buy some and make some delicious Jam.  I used only 3 ingredients in this recipe which made it so simple.  Enjoy and have fun with your children making this it only takes a few minutes.


  1. 1 Pint of Blueberries 
  2. 1/2 Cup of Raw Honey 
  3. 1 1/3 tps. Lemmon juice 


Clean and discard any stems from the blueberries. Place them in a pot , bring to a boil then reduce to low heat with all above ingredients.
Proceed to cook your blueberries until they are completely cooked thru about 20 minutes.  They will start to look like the picture below.  Stir your Blueberries so that they will break open and relase their flavor for your jam.

Once you reach the correct consistently have your canning jars sterilized and ready for filling. I was able to get three jars from these Blueberries!

Love ❤️ thru Food is my Motto !

Tomatoe Sauce Canning Water Bath Method

  • IMG_5248Canning Season will be here before you are aware of it, and  I thought I would share how I “Can” my Roma tomatoes.  First let me say it’s not as  hard to do as you may think.  Secondly I spoke to a lot of Family and friends regarding their methods and procedures.   I   Took all the advice  from my ” Elder Italian Family Members, and advice  from a wonderful women who owns a the local farm who “Cans” everything,  I purchased plenty of tomatoes from her.  Before you run out  and buy  all the supplies you need for yourself,   check  with family and friends you might be surprised who has old Canning Equipment and Jars stored in their homes,  and would be nice enough to share with you.   I Had to buy all my Equipment when I started.   Tag Sales are a good source to  find canning equipment also ,  just keep you’re  eyes open for them.
  1. 1 Water Bath Canner
  2. Ball Mason jars 1 case Large Mouth
  3. Lid wand
  4. Jar Lifter
  5. Canning funnel
  6. Non metallic spatula
  7. Ladle
  8. Measuring spoons
  9. Timer
  10. Pearing Knife
  11. Strawberry  Core Remover
  •  My ingredients :

1 case of Roma Tomatoes

Fresh whole Garlic

Fresh whole Basil

Ball Citric Acid

Black Pepper


Bring  a large pot of unsalted water to a Boil, this is going to be your blanching water. Make a  X on the bottom of each tomato, with your pairing knife.  Take the strawberry core,  and core the opposite end of the tomatoes , believe it or not I found useing a Strawberry Core Remover was a great kitchen tool in removing the ends of the tomatoes .  Once the water is a rolling boil put your tomatoes into the water until the skin splits approximately 30 seconds.  Remove  the Tomatoes with a slotted ladle  and place in a cold water bath ,  I fill my sink up with ice water and as soon as I see the tomatoes split I place  them in the cold water bath.    Start peeling off  the tomatoe skins .  You should have all your  Mason Jars “Sterlized ” according  to the Manufacturer directions.  Have your lids in a separate pot of hot water for at least ten minutes, their is a rubberized seal on the inside of the lids  that gets soft in the pot of water, this process causes the lids to  adhere to the Mason Jars when closed.     I fill the pot  with enough water making sure that when I drop the canning rack  with the Mason Jars in it  I have at least  one to two inches water of room above the top of the  jars. And the water dosent overflow during the process.   


Fill your Mason Jars:   Place your  Canning Funnel on your  Jar fill with the Roma Tomatoes .  With your non metallic spatula push down the tomatoes  , SO ALL AIR COMES TO SURFACE .  Fill the tomatoes  to just below the neck line .  With a clean damp paper towel  wipe the rims clean.  This receipe is for large Wide Mouth Mason Jars . I use Ball Citric Acid,  I use 1/2 teaspoon per quart,  1/4 teaspoon of ground black pepper per quart. ,   2 whole peeled garlic cloves and at least 3 basil leaves per quart.    Place your lids on your jars making them finger tight,  you really do not have to crank down hard on the lids.  Now they are ready for Water Bath Canning.   Your  water should be boiling, carefully with your jar lifter lift up jars and place in your canning rack.   Carefully lower  your rack into the canner.    Slowly turn down your heat to a slow boil and start  to process the quart jars for Forty Minutes.  Remove jars from  the water bath place  in a cool dry place, do not touch for 24 hours. You will hear popping from your Jars, no reason to be alarmed this is how they seal during the cooling process ,  they get sucked down like a  vacuum Mark and date your Jars, they should be good for one year.



Love  ❤️thru Food is My Motto!