Peppercorn Tuna Steak

  • Tuna Steak is so easy to prepare ,  I made it tonight for my hubby he just loves it.  With three simple ingredients and it is so easy to prepare outside on your grill or either in a cast iron frying pan and you are done…

Ingredients are :

  1. Tuna Steak
  2. Fresh Coarse Black Pepper
  3. Sea  Salt
  4. Olive Oil

Lightly brush your  Tuna Steaks with olive oil, and apply your peppercorns and seasalt on all sides .  Have your grill on  high  heat, at least 400 degrees.   You know when You’re  steaks are done when you’re steaks are  beige on the out side, and pink on the inside It should be like sushi,  if you over cook your steak it will be dry and not moist with flavor.