Easy 7 minute steamed Zucchini 

  •   Zucchini   Is rich in Folate (for cell devlopment, and  help to produce Red blood cells to name a few .   Some zucchini come in dark green to yellow in color.  This is a simple 7 minute steamed vegetable recipe , any beginner can do.  

I used  one  8 inch zucchini  in a 1 1/2 quart coverd pot.   I have a metal steamer but you can feel free to use  any type  steamer  you have  , or  whatever you feel comfortable with will work just fine .  Clean  and chop your zucchini , chop up  your 2 garlic cloves , set aside .   Bring your water level up to your basket level place zucchini , garlic , and salt and Pepper into basket.  Cover on Medium heat  once it comes  to a full rolling  boil lower heat and steam  for 7 minutes .

Remove the zucchini from the steamer and serve with a splash of evo  and enjoy !

Love ❤️ through Food is my Motto !